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Monday’s Talk with thought leader Bruno Roche: Completing Capitalism

Since the financial crises, investors, businesses, employees and households ask basic questions about the economy and the business world. They feel stressed about the uncertain economic future.

Bruno Roche, chief economist of the food company Mars Inc., developed a revolutionary economic business model which leads not only to a healthy economy but also to a healthy society.

On Monday, May 29, 18:00, Bruno Roche, chief economist of Mars Inc. and head of the Think tank Catalyst, will speak to us in the UBS Grünenhof.

Doors opening: 17:30

Start: 18:00

Apéro riche: 19:00

This event will be a great opportunity to get inspired and  to have a starting point for a talk about Christian faith and values.

 So register yourself and friends for the event by May 22 using our contact form:

 About Bruno Roche (6min video portrait):

For full details, please see: Bruno_Roche_29_May_FlyerSb


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