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Flur prayer group

Flur Prayer Group

All who understand English are welcome to join us.

About us

Our goal is to live out 1 Corinthians 14:26 as we meet together. Each person brings  something to share that the Lord has laid on their hearts: a prayer request, a text from the Bible, some encouragement, answers to previous prayer requests. Consistent themes over the last year have related for us to grow as  witnesses in how we live and do our work at UBS and to become better ambassadors in representing Christ to those around us. We want to grow as people  who are lights of the Gospel in the way we live, honest, loving in dealing  with others. We pray regularly for our management to make good decisions for the long term good of the company and its employees, and that the principles of UBS would be truly lived, especially by management. We often include world events in our prayers, especially as we have seen how many brothers  and sisters in Christ have suffered great persecution.

We have had a consistent group with a core of 4 people meeting every week, mainly external employees of UBS. Earlier this year we moved our meeting day from Monday and now meet every Thursday at 12.30 in FFFE 43 and would be overjoyed to welcome you there too.

For more information, talk to Tom Miller.



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