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Christians@UBS: Festival of Thought in Zürich – Update and Request


Dear All,

As announced earlier this year the Festival of Thought will take place in Zurich from 23rd to 27th of September 2019.  

We are really grateful and excited for the opportunity to hold over 15 talks at or near UBS offices during of the Festival of Thought (FoT) week. We’ll be having talks at Grünenhof, Europaallee, Opfikon and various locations in Altstetten and Flur. We will shortly provide you with the UBS schedule once finalised.   

I’m equally excited about the many of you who are willing to help organise these talks in our various UBS locations. Thank you! In addition, the FoT team is supporting us greatly! Not only are all the speakers, their flights and accommodation free to us, they also support us with all kinds of promotional materials and activities.  

Of course, we want to make these events as welcoming as possible. We therefore plan to have refreshments and some light lunch or ‘Apéro riche’ in the evenings for our colleagues and guests attending the talks across UBS offices. For this purpose we currently calculate a cost of approximately CHF 22’000 based on our experience during previous talks.  

The Christian Association of UBS will be able to cover about CHF 3’000 CHF of these costs. Therefore, this mail is not only an update but also a request.

  • A request for prayer to bring people to the FoT events and
  • a request to contribute to cover the cost for the catering of the FoT events at UBS – I am sure you remember the five fish and the two loaves of bread…

  Therefore, please transfer your donation to Christian Association of UBS, Zurich,  IBAN CH93 0028 3283 8165 5840 Y, reference: Festival of Thought.  

Thank you very much for supporting this great opportunity for people in Zurich in general and for UBS employees in particular!  

Best regards, Philipp Schmuki  

President of the Christian Association of UBS


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